I just want to clarify that unlike Nuno Rogeiro, or the Milhazes (portuguese corporate press) among other commentators on
duty in the channels of the national and international corporate press, I do not receive calls
from the American Embassy to adjust the speech, also because I do not have that visibility, I do
not work for the Americans or for the Russians, I am not an agent of NATO’s war propaganda,
neither they tell me their little secrets as they do with Nuno Rogeiro and he takes advantage to
cultivate the ego.

Also for this reason I do not support Russian Oligarchs, nor Western Oligarchs, and that for this
simple reason, Bill Gates is not a philanthropist, he is an Oligarch with less moral standards
than Roman Abramovich. Bill Gates is much more dangerous to the western population and
the world, he is one of the biggest partners of the chinese regime with the surveillance
partnerships typical of totalitarian regimes, he coexists, promotes and intends to assist
western states with the same criminal methods.

I well know that in the West the Oligarchs in collusion with governments just like in Russia are
dubbed “Philanthropists”, as well as all those who fund for example Biden’s regime, Obama, or
the Black Liver Mateer who set America on fire with money from another oligarch like George
Soros, or Aphabet the owner of Google, or Bezos’ Amazon, and for that reason I do not look at
the world and I am not of your strain, I have a backbone and do not write lies, manipulations,
and much less support for the Russian despot regime, or the China/Iran/North Korea block.
There are still some mechanisms left in the West that allow us to have some freedom, as long
as we do not threaten the interests of Vanguard, Blackrock who represent the Rockefellers,
Rotschild etc. and their conglomerates of Big Tech, Big Pharma, the 3 largest American and
British oil companies that have increased profits with the sanctions that they say are to punish
the Russians, but we are the punished.

Although the defense mechanisms against the state itself are being demolished, we must be
aware of where the greatest dangers to our quality of life in the West come from, and that is
our own governments and political class, the misery, the death is always the result of our state
and not the Russians, because the others are the variables that we do not control.
If the people don’t wake up from the manipulation, from the pack of lies in the western
corporative press, from the installed censorship, our future will be to live under a ferocious
dictatorship, with the misery that this represents, and this is already happening in great strides
with the implementation of the Great Reset by the same people who tell us that the Russians
are the people to hate.So what I want is to condemn the bad practices of our governments and facts, essentially facts,
and also to leave some final questions for reflection.

Questions that journalism does not ask and Nuno Rogeiro/Milhazes knows, but does not say:

  • Why only now has the Ukraine war been incorporated in the Western world press with top
    priority, when there has already been war since 2014?
  • Do the sanctions imposed hurt the Russians, or do they hurt the Westerners? This should be
    the daily question in the media, but Nuno Rogeiro and the “experts” don’t ask it.
  • Aren’t these sanctions a way to protect the interests of the same people who claim to own
    the world through the World Economic Forum?
  • Isn’t Ukraine a center for money laundering, for experiments with Biolaboratories for military
    purposes, and for Bigpharma, a producer of weapons for the American arms conglomerate,
    since for 20 years Ukraine exported the vast majority of its production to the United States?
  • Isn’t Ukraine a money laundering center for the Democratic Party as demonstrated by the
    Russian military exposure to the United Nations? And a way to enrich Romney, Pelosi, Obama,
    Biden father and son, John Kerry, as well as some Republicans who also take advantage of the
    puppet regime that they themselves created in the time of Bush?
  • With no fertilizer on the Western market, increasing prices and shortages, due to the
    sanctions imposed on Russia, who are the losers?
  • Isn’t it a help to the food industry promoted by the WEF and Bill Gates, synthetic meat,
    cockroaches, beetles, and other crap they want to impose on us? Because Bill Gates recently
    bought most of the arable land in the United States, is he afraid that the owners of that land
    will go into producing grain, real meat, and ruin his psychopathic economic projects?
  • Why does the press in the West belittle the Nazi identity of the Ukrainian regime, even
    Zelensky created a law on July 21, 2021, only Ukrainians of Scandinavian origin, as well as
    Tatars and Caretians, have “the right to fully enjoy all human rights and fundamental
    freedoms” thus depriving Ukrainians of Slavic origin of the same rights? A “good nazism” …- Why are the Zelenski purges, TV channel closures, arrests of political opponents, murders, killings, persecutions of the Russian population censored in the West, classified as fake news
    and the EU lends itself to censorship, typical of totalitarian regimes?
  • Would the United States also allow Russian biolaboratories in Mexico? Without invading the
    country? When they are capable of invading Iraq, Libya and hanging their leaders, without
    having nuclear weapons 20,000 km away from their borders?
  • Why is there a press willing to cover the tracks of Obama’s visit to Ukraine when he
    promoted and financed the destruction of Ukrainian weapons?
  • Why is there so much concern about the global climate by the United States and it makes
    sanctions on Russian gas? When the American liquified gas is a consequence of fracking, (a
    very polluting drilling technique) which the Russians don’t need, because they have plenty of
    gas, besides the increases in “dangerous” CO2 to transport this gas to Europe, plus we would
    have to build ports to receive it?
    The same troops did not want to save the planet, and spend their lives condemning the
    people’s car while traveling by Falcon…
  • Wouldn’t it be a better deal for the Europeans,and the consumer, to buy Russian gas through
    the North StreamII than to import by Ship?
    Are we really going to de-industrialize Europe so that we can keep the American Oligarchs
    comfortable and away from the competition?
  • How is it possible that the same Obama and Biden his Vice President once destroyed
    Ukrainian weaponry and now send weaponry to the Ukrainians? Are they psychopaths or is it
    really a reflection of the imbecility of the people? How is it possible that these people are
    always right, when they send weapons and when they destroy them?
  • What is the reason that allows us to demonize the Russian corporate press and does not
    allow us to equally catalog the Western one?
    -Why do they want to convince us that human miseries are only possible in the East?- Could you explain to me why there is so much propaganda for the creation of a European
    army, if the people have not been consulted? Aren’t there already enough armies in the
    Western countries, how do they want peace if they only promote war?
  • Why are we seeing a series of events, with food supply facilities burning around the world, is
    it coincidence or the result of the Great Reset agenda?
    If someone can answer these questions, without the typical platitudes of retards who can only
    find psychopaths in someone else’s backyard, we can already start having a conversation with
    certain people with little Ukrainian flags in their windows, in the courtyards of public
    institutions and even companies, the result of the mass psychosis they undergo when they
    turn on the television.

    I also leave the text in paragraph format exactly as the Russian military presented it:
    “US Coordination of Biological Laboratories and Research in Ukraine
    Ideologues: The following entities were facilitating the operation:

  • National Democratic Party
    -Barack Obama: Launched Biological Threat Reduction Program in 2005
    -Hillary Clinton: Led adoption of U.S. strategy to counter biological threats and promoted
    legalization of Dual Use Research
    -Joe Biden: Coordinated activity of military biological program Executors, involved in financial
    fraud in Ukraine
    -George Soros: Major sponsor of military biological research in Ukraine and lobbyist for Big
    Organized by the Executive Branch and Academic Centers: The aforementioned “ideologues”
    abused their positions to “set tasks” for Executive controlled agencies. Arming these agencies
    to do the bidding of the ideologues. They are as follows:-U.S. Department of State
    -U.S. Department of Defense
    -U.S. Department of Agriculture
    -U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
    -U.S. Threat Reduction Agency
    -U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    -U.S. Agency for International Development
    -U.S. Army W. Reed Research Institute
    -U.S. Army Fort Detrick, Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases
    Sponsors: The above mentioned US agencies channeled their money through a series of
    foundations and non-governmental organizations, known as “Sponsors”. They were charged
    with “allocating funds” before routing them to the biological laboratories themselves. Also
    known as “money laundering”. The Sponsors assisting in the money laundering scheme are as
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    -Clinton Foundation
    -Rosemont Seneca (Hunter Biden)
    -Open Society
    -Soros Fund Management
    -Civil Research Development Fund
    -Rockefeller Foundation
    -Healthcare Alliance
    -Pilot Growth
    Executors in Ukraine: The above mentioned sponsors “laundered” the money that was being
    sent from the US Executive Agencies and sent them to the “Executors”. The biological facilities
    themselves. Labs received “Dual Research Funding.” They were tasked with:
    -Creating selective biological weapons elements
    -Use of Ukraine as a bio-poligon-New Medicine Clinical Trials
    The Executors involved are as follows:
    -U.S. Embassy in Ukraine
    -Ukraine Scientific and Technological Center
    -Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    -Ministry of Health of Ukraine
    -Preto and Veatch
  • Metabiota (Hunter Biden)
    -CH2M Hill Jacob’s Engineering
    -Skymount Medical
    Pharmaceutical Corporations (Big Pharma): The aforementioned Executors would then bring
    biological material and research to pharmaceutical companies. Sometimes directly, sometimes
    through the US Armed Forces. The pharmaceutical companies would then create the “cures”
    for the masses, because they have the research to know how to do it, resulting in billions in
    profits. The pharmaceutical companies that have received research and materials on trafficked
    biological weapons are as follows.
    -Dynport Vaccine
    -Eli Lilly and Co.
    -Merck and Co.
    From the dozens of billions in profit from all the endless injections, some is then returned to
    the Ideologues responsible for formulating the plot. They use the funds to finance their
    campaigns and maintain control.

    “Dear reader, do you really want to continue supporting Ukraine with little flags and Western
    politicians while they get rich and you starve to death?




















Bipolar Corporate Press

Senator Obama in 2005 with Sen. Dick Lugar setting up bioterrorism labs in Ukraine
Senators Nunn and Lugar leave the White House in 1991 after informing President George H. W. Bush of the Nunn-Lugar legislation

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